I want to share with everyone why I started the PrayerChainBook, that in my hopes and dreams becomes a very large community over time. First a bit about who I am, not that this site is about me, but I am certain people would like to know who started this and why. I am not presenting my thoughts to insight reaction or confrontation. Just a background so you know where the idea for this arose. This is why I will not mention what religion I was raised with.

I am a 53 year old man living in Canada. I have a beautiful wife and two very young and lovely daughters whom I love with all my being. When my first daughter was born just over 8 years ago, I felt my heart began to soften. I knew then, that God, had given us the greatest gift we could ever receive in this life, along with the greatest of responsibilities.

You see, over the years I had become angry and bitter. I have had many hard jobs over my life, some with really bad employers and never seemed to achieve much for all the hard work I have done. I am sure there are many who get to this feeling at one time or another. I became very depressed and spent way too much time reading and watching the news, which added to many negative feelings and viewpoints. I confess that I began to have bad feelings that I can classify as being biased towards some cultures and some people. I never considered myself to be a prejudiced or racist man. But as I grew older I felt that part of my heart was becoming hardened. I did not like that feeling one bit. It was like poison in my blood.

When I became a father, a dad, my heart began to melt. I started to cringe and become teary eyed every time I saw a story of any child suffering anyway or anywhere on this earth. I never had these deep feelings before we had our daughters as I really did not have many younger kids around me growing up due to coming from a very small family. So I never really connected with kids at all. My sensitivity grew every day. Now, I cannot bear to watch how some people in the world suffer.

These feelings of deep concern for the young and innocent of this world led me to understand how similar we all are. How fragile we all are. How tragic to harm or waste any life. How wrong it is to hurt one another.

When I was just a boy in grade school, I vividly recall, sitting in the library and staring in awe at these rather large and very graphic books of world wars one and two. I remember feeling how horrible and nightmarish the images were, but naively put it back to something that was behind us all, something in history. Something that happened when people were much more stupid, but that they now had learned from their mistakes. As the years slipped by I came to realize those nightmare images from those books only became more of a present reality and uglier by the year.

Today we still exist on this same tiny world, surrounded by an immense and wondrous universe, still plagued by the same old wars with smarter bombs and a planet overflowing with greed for money and power. At the same time that the news of the world had been dragging me down through all those years with the help of a very negatively focused world wide media, something inside me finally began to rise upwards.

I came to realize that the amount of goodness in this world, the caring, good people that live from one side of this spinning sphere to the other, far outweigh the bad, the negative, the dark, the ignorant and the evil. The dark forces of this world make more noise, do more damage and seem to always dominate the spotlight of world news, although there are so many good stories to tell. They have to, you see, because there really are so few of them. The louder they are the more they get noticed. That seems to be the way darkness operates and manipulates everyone’s mind.

I have stopped believing in the dark. I see so many examples of a deep universal goodness in so many people now. People very much like my wife and I, who are just trying to live decent lives and raise and protect our little ones, while trying to keep our focus on the duties we have, the path ahead, rather than let the dark noise of the world drag us into it. Trying to be helpful and good to those around us.

I want to be very honest with everyone here. I started this site because I love life. I believe in the freedom of life I have had the wondrous gift of growing up in. I wish everyone in this world could be free to practice the faith they believe in peacefully, while living their lives how they desire without persecution. I believe that everyone has an inherent right in this life, this physical reality, to cope with their lives in the way they choose and are comfortable with. I believe every person needs to relate to God, to the Universe, the Creator or whatever name each belief gives to the Supreme Being, in the way each individual feels is the right path for them.

I believe when people listen to each other and try to understand the life of another that we all become more tolerant and ultimately more intelligent and well rounded. We just need to show a bit of love and respect for each other, which most of us already do to a great degree from what I have seen. Our huge societies and cultures would never have grown to these enormous sizes if that were not the case.

I believe we all come from the same life force. For myself, I cannot ever profess to anyone that I possess the real truth, the complete knowledge of life within my own belief system and soul. I cannot say in my heart of hearts that I am on the true path and anyone else who doesn’t agree with my views is just plain wrong. I believe that everyone gets a piece of the picture but no one person or religion owns the view. That kind of thinking, to me now, is pure fantasy. This is the kind of thinking that leads many to be intolerant of other cultures and ultimately leads to hatred and war.

I have come to believe that within this scheme of things, we have been born into this world with complete freedom to do whatever we choose to do. Some of us create, some destroy. Some choose to love, others to hate. There is no divine intervention I have witnessed in my short little life. I sometimes think we may be here for nothing else but to learn, grow and evolve.

I recall the Pope Benedict XVI visiting Auschwitz in 2006.

He commented, ““In a place like this, words fail. In the end, there can only be a dread silence, a silence which is a heartfelt cry to God—Why, Lord, did you remain silent? How could you tolerate all this?”

“Where was God in those days? Why was he silent? How could he permit this endless slaughter, this triumph of evil?”

When I hear a statement like that I tend to shudder. If God was silent in those days, where is God when it seems there is always a child being abused or neglected, a bomb blowing human bodies apart in a market place or the many human rights continually violated. There have been countless ethnic cleansings…genocides since Auschwitz. So where is God, when all these daily atrocities are committed?

In my observations, that is not how it was designed at all and has never been the scheme of things on this blue world. We were given freedom and this gift of life to do with it as we so choose. Like running around in a dream, whether we choose to harm others or to love others is entirely up to us. God is not going to slap your hand and make everything alright. This is a learning place. If a parent held a child in his or hers arms protecting the child from itself at every turn, how would that child ever learn?

This is a world we must learn to live in together. It is all about learning to live right and respect ourselves and the lives of others. When we make mistakes, when we hate each other, we all suffer. God does not step in and intervene. This is not a sporting event and God does not play referee.

This world needs healing. People need to wake up to the reality of our existence and stop blaming God for our own failures and lack of love. We were born here with an enormous responsibility.

Well, I am starting to babble. As I said, PrayerChainBook is not about me. At least now you have a glimpse of how and why PrayerChainBook came to be. For me, it is a dream of sorts.

The rest is up to you. I will be a caretaker around here, taking out the garbage, a bit of painting here and there. Watering the plants and helping the site grow. Helping the community grow the site.

So again, a warm welcome for everyone, to this, the PrayerChainBook. Please join up and tell everyone you know that this valuable resource sits here, patiently waiting for the all guests to arrive. We are all family. I truly believe that. And I believe that a planet that prays together, stays together.
Let’s keep it together. Let’s take good care of each other.

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