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Keeping a Prayer Chain Alive

We’ve covered organizing and managing a prayer chain; now let us take a look at how you can keep your chain alive.  It is all well and good if you have it organized, and it is also excellent that you are managing it – however you will notice that the count of participants will begin to decline after the initial boost.  It will be harder to keep the master list complete – so now you must try to keep your chain alive.  Many world based prayer chains and world prayer request attempts start off with a bang, like most prayer chains do, but eventually their numbers dwindle and they can no longer keep the devoted filling the hours and the times.  To solve this you must do some foot work.  I know you already are managing those in the chain, and you are keeping the master list up, but consider recruiting some help in keeping those two forts down and steady right now.


It is much easier for a non denominational prayer request and chain to stay alive, because they accept all people, however for those that are denominationally restrictive, the same rules and ideas that follow will apply.  The main asset you need and have are people.  People are the links of the chain, and a missing person is a missing link, breaking your chain.  You may consider filling in any spots when necessity calls, and the same for your helping volunteers, however you want to avoid this worst case scenario where you end up doing 25 hours of the 24 hour prayer.   You need to recruit.  Consider leaflets and also emails to those already devoted in the hopes that they (request that they do) will forward it to more people, and further your reach.  Also consider talking to congregations at your church and getting your pastor/preacher/priest involved.

Secondly, like many world prayer centers, you may want to make a website that advertises locally and perhaps get a donation fund for newspaper advertisements going.  This way you are sure to hit a targeted market.  Now if you are running an online international prayer chain, you will want to invest in online advertising, and all kinds of advertising you can.  Consider posting on forums and contributing to newsgroups; even start your own newsgroup if you wish to.  It is important for you to get your message out any possible way you can.  Consider promoting the fact you have world wide prayer request availability, and from those who file requests you might get volunteers as well.  Not only can an online prayer chain benefit from an online prayer request form through prayers being made, but it can also benefit off the addition of asking for volunteers on the exact same page.

Members are everything, they are the links, the blood, and the entire reason the chain exists.  You must do all in your power to keep your chain alive by recruiting more and making sure you have as many as possible scheduled.  Consider scheduling in a week mode, where your main list is perpetually filled for a week ahead, making sure that you will always have a buffer of at least seven days.  To keep it alive, you have to promote, you have to recruit, and you have to be an optimist at all times.  Inspire those around you to lead by example, and eventually it will have enough people to have up to a month in advance booked for solid prayer.

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