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Participating in a Prayer Chain

Well, now it is time for some information for the participant, rather than the organizer.  Participating in prayer chains is one of the most fulfilling things that a person can do.  You get the satisfaction of contributing, you get the pleasure of praying, and you get to keep alive a chain that could be over a year old, or in some cases, ten to twenty years old – and even more.  But wait, first you might be asking “How do I participate or join in a prayer chain?”

Well, that is pretty easy.  First thing you should consider is whether you care if you will be going to one of the same religions or one that is nondenominational.  If you choose either, the steps are the same, as both have church based and online based chains.  You can start out by talking to your pastor or priest, and then seeing if there is already an active chain at your church or at a related church.  If not, then you might consider going online (we will cover this later).


For now, let us assume you have found a local church for prayer chains and requests that has a dedicated room and a master list already in operation.  Having found this you need only to find who is in control of the master list, and have your name added.  Give them your email and phone number so that you can be reminded too – and mark it down on your calendar.  After doing this you should be able to participate easily – you just fulfill the obligation you signed up for, and repeat if you wish to.

Now, assuming you have not found a local prayer chain to your liking, there is the option of the internet.  Internet prayer chains are formed through online databases and only require you to devote the time to pray, and of course will send you an email reminder most of the time.  This also means you can pray in the comfort of your own home to fulfill your obligation.  Many online prayer chains are worldwide and have worldwide prayer requests and prayer request forms along with volunteer forms.  Most of these are able to accommodate 24 hour prayer, and have an online world prayer center with chat rooms, forums, and sometimes video feeds to discuss amongst the others who pray.  Many are international prayer chains that will seemingly never end, and thanks to you they can stay up and running for as long as is possible.

As long as you are willing to volunteer your time to prayer in one of the many prayer chains out there, you will be contributing to keeping prayers to God active, keeping a chain and tradition alive, and also contributing to keeping that eternal spark of hope for many others going.  It is always a good thing to give of oneself, so an online or offline prayer chain is one that can be used to do so.

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