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Running a Prayer Chain


Running a prayer chain is very different from actually organizing one (link to Organizing a Prayer Chain).  Once you have organized a prayer chain and you have the ball rolling, running it becomes the next challenge.  Even the largest international prayer chains that facilitate world wide prayer requests have to be run effectively, or the chain can break.  Now, it is not to say that if a chain breaks that it will be ruined, but you will have the knowledge that you no longer can say it is an unbroken chain.  Some of the longest kept prayer chains are the Catholic prayer chains for Catholic prayer requests – so let’s take a look at what keeps a prayer chain like that going.

The first responsibility of yours is to the master list.  The master list is the one ring that binds them – to take from a certain book – and that one list must be constantly added to and updated.  Much like a scheduling department at a large warehouse, you must make sure that all time slots are filled with new or recurring people.  If anyone drops out or if anyone is sick you must find a replacement in time, or else the chain is broken.  For those that use online prayer request forms and online volunteer forms it can be easier to find a replacement as all of their information will be stored in a database.

The next thing you must do is to be sure that everyone has access to a prayer request form.  Whether it is online or not does not really affect the outcome, however being online means you can distribute and process the requests faster.  Also, the same applies to all kinds of forms.  Without these systems it becomes harder to manage if the prayer chain is larger, such as world prayer requests and world volunteers.  Managing and running a prayer chain has more difficulty than organizing one because you have to account for turnover and atrophy – it will be your job to handle and replace those who no longer can contribute.


Now comes the part where you have to manage egos in the prayer chain or prayer chains that you manage.  First of all, it is understood that it is a strange thing to think that people will have an issue here, and secondly it is understood that you may feel any mention of egos are out of place, however all humans are capable of erring and thinking of the ‘me’ rather than the ‘we’ or the ‘He’.  It can happen in any denominational prayer chain and request running, or any non denominational prayer request and chain that is running.  People cause problems.  You must manage disruptive individuals or those that get disgruntled quickly and effectively to preserve the chain – it is your job to make sure these people cannot ruin a good thing.  During the 24 hour prayer chain you may find some who become irritable as they tire, or have issue with others in the chain.  Manage or remove them immediately.  Even the largest world prayer centers in the world are not immune to the human influence.  Also it is more likely to occur in smaller scale chains, because some will feel a kind of strain, imagined or not, and become hard to manage.

As ridiculous as the last paragraph sounds you may be shocked to learn about it.  It is strongly suggested that you have someone helping you who is capable managing people, so that the stress is divided and you yourself do not get burnt out.  A happy chain is a chain that lasts in service to God for a very long time, if not forever.  So it must be your goal to keep the chain going and keep the participants happy at all times.

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